Frequently Asked Questions is an affiliate website related to online gambling industry. It is run by a team of industry professionals, and our primary mission is to provide every player with independent online casino reviews – so everyone can get the truth in the first place & then play. Besides that, we try to provide our website visitors with regular industry updates, and the best online casino bonuses.

Short answer – yes. Some of the online casinos that are featured on the website has paid for promotion – however, even though we sometimes take commission fee for listing, we still provide only honest, our personal opinion about the brand we review. We always try to deliver our website visitors with all the crucial details about the casino, and all of our reviews includes information about the license, ownership and other important aspects.

Yes. Most of the links (for example, “Play Now” button) contain affiliates links. This means that we receive a commission fee every time a player register through it and make a deposit at the online casino. This process is very similar to a Refer-a-Friend program.

Yes! is not getting sponsored and is not associated with any online casino/sports betting operator. Our team write & create only unbiased content – therefore it means that we work independently. Our reviews for online casinos are completed based on our personal experience, knowledge and preferences. We share only our honest opinion and provide all of the cons/pros that the casino site has.

In most cases, yes. However, it is impossible for us to track every online casino on daily basis and follow its regular updates (like new released promotional offers, for example). Either way, whenever we publish a review for online casino, we specify only actual & updated information that was provided to us by the online casino operator at the time of publishing.

Useful tip: Whenever there is a difference between information provided by us and the information provided by the online casino itself, please consider that details provided by the casino operator as most relevant.

Its all simple. Because our team is focused only on reviewing a highly reputable and officially licensed online casinos. We avoid dealing with scam and fraud gambling platforms at all. That is why most of the casino sites we have ever reviewed has rating of 4+ or greater. It is our key priority to share only trusted and customer friendly online casinos on our site.

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